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All about Allergens Resource Hub

Resources to assist you to adopt best practice procedures for food allergen management in your workplace.

General food service
For food business owners, cooks, chefs and wait staff.
For kitchen and food service managers, kitchen staff, dietitians and ward staff.

Residential Care

For kitchen and food service managers, kitchen staff and care staff.

Children’s Education and Care

For service managers, cooks, chefs, educators and teachers.


For canteen staff, boarding school kitchen staff, food technology teachers and senior students.


For chefs, cooks and kitchen staff working in camps.

Ingredient substitution tool

A list of alternative ingredients that can be substituted for allergen containing ingredients.

Food Labelling Information

Food labelling information

It is important to check the food label when buying food every time you purchase a product. 

Food allergen menu matrix

A food allergen menu matrix is a chart that lists all the menu items and shows which common food allergens are present.
Standardised recipe template

Standardised recipe template

Use this template to create standardised recipes that everyone follows when preparing food.
Food standards

Food standards

Information about the Food Standards Code and your responsibilities as a food service provider.


Free online courses to gain knowledge about food allergy.


Animations that demonstrate best practice food allergen management. hold



For your self education as well as educating those around you such as family, friends, babysitters.