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National Allergy Strategy resources

All about Allergens booklet

Download here:

pdfAll about Allergens 

A free booklet has been designed to support the All about Allergens online training. 

Allergy Aware Checklist

Download here:

pdfAllergy Aware Checklist

A free checklist to help make sure your business is allergy aware. 

Camp participant food allergy matrix

A useful tool to help communicate camp participants’ food allergies and can also be used as a final check when serving meals.

 docxNAS Camp participant food allergy matrix TEMPLATE

pdfNAS Camp participant food allergy matrix SAMPLE

Food allergen ingredient substitution tool

This tool provides a list of alternative ingredients that can be substituted for allergen containing ingredients.

Download here:

docxFood allergen ingredient substitution tool

Food allergen menu matrix template

A food allergen menu matrix is a table outlining the common food allergen ingredients in all your menu items.

Download here:

Food allergen menu matrix template

pdfFood allergen menu matrix (sample)

Food allergen management audit tool for Camps

For camp food service managers and food safety supervisors to undertake a comprehensive audit to assess the food safety protocols and procedures regarding food allergen management.

Download here:

docxFood allergy and food intolerance management audit tool - Camps 

Standardised recipe template

Standardised recipes are recipes that everyone follows exactly, no matter who is cooking.

Download here:

docxStandardised recipe template

pdfStandardised recipe (sample)

docxStandardised bulk recipe template

pdfStandardised bulk recipe (sample)

Recipes for camps

Camp style recipes that can be used when catering for camp participants with food allergies.

The camp recipes were provided by Mark Heffernan from Merricks Lodge, where the National Allergy Strategy 250K youth camp was held in November 2019.

You are welcome to print and use any of these free downloadable resources.

Posters for food service

Food allergy management in food service

Food safety in
food service

The Usual Suspects

Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia food service resources

Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies

Preparing for Camp with Food Allergies is a guide for parents, schools and camps divided into three comprehensive sections packed with concise and easy-to-understand information.

Download and print for free here

Food Service Kit

Can be purchased from A&AA and contains a comprehensive booklet for food service businesses, food allergen cards, posters and brochures.

Purchase here

Food allergen cards

These cards help you to identify other names for common food allergens as well as foods which are most likely to contain the food allergen.

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Download and print for free here

Food standards

Food Standards Code

Food Standards Code

Information about the Food Standards Code and your responsibilities as a food service provider is available from the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) website.

Go to FSANZ Food Standards Code page

Food enforcement contacts

In Australia, compliance with the Code for all foods is monitored by authorities in the states and territories. Contact details for enforcement agencies are available.

Go to FSANZ Food enforcement contacts page

FSANZ Food Recall Alerts

A food recall is action taken to remove unsafe food from distribution, sale and consumption. Be alerted by subscribing to FSANZ food recalls

Go to FSANZ subscription service

Food Allergen Portal

Provides different sectors in the community with links to best practice food allergen resources and key messages.

Go to Food Allergen Portal page

Allergen Bureau resources

Food safety supervisors

Australian Institute of Food Safety

Food Acts and Food Safety Supervisors

General information about food allergy and anaphylaxis

Authorised Officer resource hub

This hub provides an overview of the legislative context for food allergens in food service and manufacturing and also information to assist authorised officers to help to improve practises around food allergen management.

Authorised officers have the opportunity to help educate the food service and food manufacturing sectors about food allergen management.

Authorised Officer resource hub

Resource and train your entire team

in best practice procedures for food allergen management

Food allergy training
free online courses

All training courses

Food allergy training resources AO

For authorised officers

Food allergy education
for the community

Education resources and videos

A food allergy awareness project supported by

The National Allergy Strategy is an initiative of the Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia (A&AA), as the leading medical and patient organisations for allergy in Australia.

This project received funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

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